It’s iconic, it’s memorable, it’s vivid, it’s got a personality, you love it, you hate it— it’s branding.

Branding may be first thought of as physical, including a cohesive logo, slogan, even the organisation’s name. However, that is only scratching the surface of what branding is all about. How about tone, approach, and image? In order to create good branding, you need a blend of both, but let’s get specific. Your brand should be branded in a way that fits your company. Generally, however, here are the opinions of experts such as Indeed, Forbes and Smart Insights.

A Certain, Special Something

A successful brand should have that one feature (or multiple features!) that makes it easily identifiable and distinct from its competitors. Brands should emphasize their unique selling proposition in their branding. Instead of focusing on only one aspect of, say, the product your brand would like to sell, this should be in the form of a way the brand serves their audience and enriches their lifestyle.

“Oh, It’s Them Again”

It’s repetition, repetition, repetition. Having a cohesive image and personality is one aspect, but having it communicated continuously through a variety of marketing mediums including offline and digital marketing to the target audience so they can form associations and connections takes this marketing effort one step further.

Connection and Loyalty

To build a loyal following, brands must always understand their demographics and psychographics. In order to reach this stage, focus groups and surveys are essential for collecting consumer data. A brand who resonates with audiences is more likely to reap the benefits of more word of mouth marketing.

Delivering Excellence. With Consistency

Consistency is just as important as delivering a great product – because it builds the assurance and trust in consumers- leading to fond memories and stories relating to their experience with the brand. A brand’s reputation and standing can sometimes be irreversibly harmed by backlash.

“Wait… I Recognise Them!”

Ensure that your slogans are easy to remember and recall. It’s just impossible to justify jargon. Audiences also tend to respond well to positive or happy ones.

A catchy slogan forms the basis of a brand’s identity and determines its success. A brand’s essence, promises, and values are captured in a short, impactful statement, according to Proof Content. There is more to it than just a clever play on words. An expertly crafted slogan should be able to connect with consumers emotionally as well.

Considering the ubiquity of social media marketing alongside the fact that virtually all businesses have a consistent brand on digital platforms, such as social media, a lack of a brand makes a company stand out like a sore thumb and, naturally, does not make it appear particularly professional or even credible.

Are you still trying to figure it all out? According to sources, SWOT analyses can help chart a company’s future direction. A company mission and value should also be developed and communicated to all employees before being communicated to the target audience.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize the importance of constantly evaluating your organization’s branding. Consider if the branding’s message remains relevant over time.

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