What are Social Media Assets in Marketing?

Maximizing Your Social Media Marketing: The Power of Infographics, Images, and Video Content

Media assets are multimedia files used by media companies. Videos, audio files, graphics, and animations are typical examples of media assets. Is there one media asset that rules them all? Social media assets can be a contentious topic! This is why we’re here to explain all the nuances of each asset and how to make the most of them.

The 3 Social Media Assets that Work Best for Your Content

Infographics insights

Infographics present information visually with cerebral depth. This media asset’s comprehensive and aesthetic qualities make it ideal for distilling data that is otherwise difficult to understand. According to a study, this media asset is shared three times more than alternative media assets. It’s best to keep them simple and repurpose them to fit different social media platforms.

Images and Graphics Galore

Posts with images perform better than those without. Instagram audiences are more accustomed to visuals than extensive copy, so these types of posts work well. These posts differ from infographics in that they convey easy-to-understand information.

Similarly to Instagram images and Instagram posts, Stories have a number of attractive features and affordances such as polls to engage your target audience. In addition, Stories are ephemeral, so audiences are compelled to interact with them quickly.

Audience engagement can be increased with interactive capabilities. It leads to twice as many conversions as passive counterparts and is a key distinguishing feature from other competitors, according to 88% of marketers. By creating interactive capabilities, posts can engage audiences more than delivering media content that they passively absorb, acknowledge and understand.

Video and Livestream

In terms of creating a lasting impression, piquing interest and building brand awareness, videos are the superior media asset. Like infographics, they can be very succinct- which is definitely a plus when it comes to capturing those short attention spans. Effective ones are short, can be watched without audio, and appeal to human feelings with comedy or heartwarming content.  

In addition, videos can establish a brand/spokesperson as an industry expert and inspire trust and credibility as they connect with target demographics. The caveat is that high-production value videos are often expensive.

Also worth mentioning is livestreaming, which has the aforementioned advantages of videos when human faces are used, plus the capability to facilitate discussion around a subject and instant feedback.