Pfizer has organised a Trumenba lunch time talk targeted towards healthcare professionals on meningococcal disease prevention and getting oneself protected before travelling, especially in large group settings. The Ingrid team is proud to have produced the various publicity materials, with the concept revolving around travel. Some of the publicity materials include the invite card which is in the form of a boarding pass and the entrance as a boarding gate. 

SmofKabiven has launched a new size of drip bags at a medical exhibition. The concept of having different sized drip bags on hangars is inspired from clothes on clothing racks at retail stores. With the wider range of sizes of drip bags, they will be able to cater to the different needs of their patients. A questionnaire was given to visitors to find out more about the medical treatment plans on patients.

SingPost wanted to bring across the message that they will deliver during the day or night, rain or shine. More than 50 delivery vehicles and 100 post boxes across the island are spotted with a new look featuring three challenges that postmen face in their daily work, with the central message: “We Deliver”.

Aimed at fresh graduates and early childhood educators, Ingrid Design developed a marketing campaign for NTUC First Campus (NFC) recruitment drive. The “Our Way of Life” concept shows the juxtaposition of work life at other organizations and in NFC. It portrays the message that NF is more than just a preschool. It’s a place where employees can hone their craft and receive exclusive flexi-benefits.  

NEX stepped up efforts to fight climate change by having a “Go Green” campaign. It included a donation drive and green activities such as terrarium-making. We conceptualised the designs for the key visual and adapted it into posters and in-lift stickers.