Ingrid Design was tasked to develop NCSS’s Impact Report for 2017 and 2018, which touched the subjects of the changing needs and trends regarding people with disabilities, people in need and the elderly.

Ingrid Design came up with the design for Citibank’s New Year card, an 80’s-themed pop-up card with caricatures of their own team – Corporate Sales & Solutions Singapore. It is in the form of a vinyl record, placed against a brightly-coloured disco dance floor.

Ingrid Design has created a mascot for Pfizer’s new drug, Azoren which treats hypertension. The creation of the mascot was a light-hearted way for Pfizer to raise the awareness of hypertension and also increase brand awareness for Azoren. 

In conjuction of World Heart Day 2018, Ingrid Design worked with Norvatis and came up with a “Keep It Pumping!” campaign to raise the awareness of cardiovascular diseases. In a bid to connect and engage with the local audience, a family of heart mascots were created. Facebook posts were uploaded on the “keepitpumpingSG” page regularly. They highlighted issues such as the symptoms of heart failure and also provided tips for people who suffer from heart failure. 

The cover page of the annual report features the different industries that Crimson Logic works with, for instance legal, logistics and cyber security on a Rubik’s cube. The rotation of the Rubik’s cube symbolises the transformation of the entire economy through digitalisation for more than 30 years and how it has impacted people’s lives.