WellCare is a new health supplements company which believes in supporting consumers on a wellness journey by providing high quality products at great value. To gain brand awareness in the health supplement market, they tapped the Ingrid Design team to create a variety of content pertaining to health, wellbeing and also introduce their range of supplements and how they can benefit consumers.

Pfizer has organised a Trumenba lunch time talk targeted towards healthcare professionals on meningococcal disease prevention and getting oneself protected before travelling, especially in large group settings. The Ingrid team is proud to have produced the various publicity materials, with the concept revolving around travel. Some of the publicity materials include the invite card which is in the form of a boarding pass and the entrance as a boarding gate. 

Ingrid Design created a video animation for the launch of SAL’s new publication, “The Modern Advocacy”, a book on trial advocacy written by Singapore practitioners.  

In conjuction of World Heart Day 2018, Ingrid Design worked with Norvatis and came up with a “Keep It Pumping!” campaign to raise the awareness of cardiovascular diseases. In a bid to connect and engage with the local audience, a family of heart mascots were created. Facebook posts were uploaded on the “keepitpumpingSG” page regularly. They highlighted issues such as the symptoms of heart failure and also provided tips for people who suffer from heart failure. 

To commemorate the launch of the IMPRINTS book, SAL had tasked Ingrid Design to create a video featuring topics covered in the book such as Data Protection Law in Singapore and Law on Carriage of Goods by Sea.