TikTok for Corporations: Strategies for Success

TikTok for Corporations: Strategies for Success

In light of the blurring lines between traditional “professional” corporate social media posts and the growing popularity of more casual ones that seem to resonate with Gen-Zs, it’s time to talk TikTok.


The ability to leverage algorithms to boost your content’s visibility isn’t exactly breaking news. To help with this, relevant hashtags and captions will certainly be of assistance.

There is, however, a noteworthy aspect of TikTok to note: its sounds. Particularly those that are trending. Whenever you post a video, consider matching it with a popular TikTok sound (and effects), so that users can also find your corporate post if they search for the sound on the platform.

Content Style

A content style is one that gets right to the meat of an article. Consider your perception of what a post from a business account should be before approaching TikTok and its audiences. Even a popular edit style, sound, dance, filter, or trend lasts only three to five days due to Gen Z’s short attention span.

Therefore, orthodox posting and content won’t attract attention anytime soon. When it comes to clawing our way to a coveted spot on the For You Page, not even the most high-quality, formal, laboriously scripted production is enough to cut it. 

Now we know what doesn’t work and we’re both on the same page, begrudgingly or not. Now let’s talk about what works. It’s been said before that overly polished videos aren’t right for this platform. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Gen Z values authenticity, so fancy equipment isn’t necessary. It also means that videos emphasizing a company’s “human side” will grab the target demographic’s attention. Also, being authentic allows brands to show their unique personality, making them more memorable in the minds of consumers and making for good branding.

This generation also gravitates towards the platform for fun content. It can be jarring to see highly formal workplace content. Here, the challenge is to showcase your brand’s message in an entertaining manner. 

Posts Contents

Would you like to see a more visual example of the above content styles? Brands can film casual office tours and a mini virtual meet and greet with office pets in order to convey authenticity. It gives users a glimpse of what it’s like to work at the corporation and can be a great way to gain and increase consumer interest in the brand even if they have no intention of working there in the near future.

Besides taking part in trending challenges, brands can also create their own to become more “relatable” to the audience.

Are you ready to take on TikTok? Why not leave your branding needs to us? With Ingrid Design’s extensive experience, you’re in good hands.